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Load MID to System Track


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Hi, I have a midi file created on a PC, and I have loaded it into my CASIO PX-360M.


I want to be able to use it as a System Track, so that I can add other solo tracks. But when I select the new file, enter record mode, and select a Solo track as per the manual, it overwrites the file I've just loaded. Can anybody please advise what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Jack

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Brad, can you import the midi file as a complete file-I do this with the PX560 all the time. then you can play with the mixer settings to change tones, tracks-and of course unless the midi file has more than 16 instrument tracks-I can add any other part i want by using the song/midi recorder. I'm not sure if the PX360 works the same way. And Auntijack-the imported midi file will not reside in the system track-it will automatically read whatever track your original mid file was set to-and create that track in the same midi channel with in the PX-if it works like the PX560. the system track 1) cannot be overdubbed-it is a "one-shot" recording track and 2) it is used for recording all the other track settings and if you use the auto-arranger functions, it will record that information too, while leaving the other tracks to record separately. Understand though-if you try to record over the system track a second time-with for example one instrument track, you will be erasing all the prior information that was recorded on that track-all the other mixer settings-volume, pan, instrument assignments. I know this is getting perhaps more than you needed to know, read this older post, might make things clearer. Disregard AlenK's sort of well, "abruptness" in these posts, he must have gotten a little miffed trying to explain this. Understandable. I get a little miffed trying to understand most everything lately. My mother would always tell me-"go to your room" and I'd tell her, ma I don't have one, I sleep on the floor!!!!!!:waaah:


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