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Casio cdp 230r vs Casio cdp 230

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You searched for "casio". Did you mean "cash"?



Anyway, I didn't find this model on the Costco site just now.


I'm guessing Scott is right. In fact, I don't think Casio generally does that. I think when they have significant differences, the model numbers are clearly different. Little changes on the end like that are usually things like different colors or something. I could be wrong as I don't know the history of all Casio models.

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The Casio International Site lists just the CDP-230R-BK (Black) and CDP-230R-SR (Silver/Gray).  It does not list anything about a "just plain" CDP-230.  The retail sites that list the "just plain" CDP-230 show the same features and specs for it that the Casio International Site shows for the CDP-230R-BK/SR.


I had suspected that the "just plain" CDP-230 might have been a previous model, with the CDP-230R being a more recent release, but the BING/GOOGLE hits I get when I search on "CDP-230", without the "R" suffix, show that they have been registered with those search engines within the past few months.


So, it looks like the CDP-230 is a current model, and ads that list it as such (without the "R") are just due to the oversight of some retailers.

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