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Connecting Casio Privia keyboard to audio interface/software

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Hi Chuck...

I just saw your video re connecting your Casio piano to another midi device via the midi host.

Would the same be applied if I wanted to connect my Casio Privia piano to my audio interface & recording software?  That's the situation I have. 

I have PreSonus Studio One software on my laptop, and want to play the virtual instruments in it via my Casio Privia piano.  That is possible, correct?  I'm considering finding a usb midi host to see if it does work.  My backup plan would be to just purchase a midi controller keyboard should things go south.

Let me know your thoughts.  Enjoyed the video and the tops you shared.


Terry Davis

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Terry, depending upon the model of your Privia, you may be able to connect it directly to your computer with a USB cable. The most recent Privias are class-compliant, meaning that the USB port on the back (not the one for USB drives on the front, if it has one) can connect to a computer (PC/Mac/iOS) with no driver installation needed. You will simply need a USB cable that's commonly used with printers. It will have the flat USB connector on one end and the squarish one on the other. The flat end goes in your laptop, and the squarish end goes in the Privia. Once connected and powered up, the software on your laptop should "see" the MIDI coming in from the Privia.


If your Privia doesn't have the USB port, then we will need to discuss using the 5-pin DIN MIDI port to connect to an interface that can then be connected to your computer.

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Hi tdsong, 


What you are describing is possible. Just use USB cable to connect Privia to your computer.

I use Studio One with Privia.

One note - Privia supports MIDI/USB. 

Privia does not provide support of audio/USB.

This means that Privia cannot be used as an external sound card for you computer.




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